Building excellence

Duquette Construction was established in 1964 by Donat Duquette. In a very short time, the company came to make its mark as a leading general contractor in the commercial and industrial sectors. Since 2008, Louis Duquette has taken over as the sole owner and director of the business.

Duquette Construction is well known and respected in the industry. We enjoy an excellent reputation, which we take very seriously. Indeed, we approach each project with all of the diligence you could expect from a partner that is renowned for its integrity, rigour, and expertise.


Success comes to those who know to surround themselves with the right people; it is never achieved in isolation. Over the years and the many projects we have been entrusted with, we have built up an enviable business network, which makes a world of difference to our clients. We can count on the services of numerous business partners, each of which is a solid player with proven success, whom we have selected with the greatest care. All of them are reputable and experienced in their respective fields.

The management model we have chosen has always allowed us to deliver exemplary service, to diversify our areas of work, to propose innovative solutions, and to ensure flawless technical execution. All of this, in addition to assuring you quality that stands head and shoulders above the rest, often at a lower cost.

Many major companies and property managers regularly call on Duquette Construction for the development of their properties. This is a testament to the bonds of trust we build and maintain with our clientele.

Donat Duquette