Safety Ethics

In 2008, Duquette Construction adopted its Occupational Health and Safety Policy. The company considers its human resources to be its most important asset. We are therefore aware that our staff’s health and safety in the workplace is a priority, if we want to ensure the success of our operations. Our health and security program is closely monitored to ensure the effectiveness of the measures put in place to continuously improve upon the safety of our work sites.

Just like our motto for our business, “Building excellence,” we also strive for excellence in occupational health and safety. Consequently, we require our subcontractors to be familiar with our prevention program and to sign a written agreement to adhere to occupational health and safety laws, in order to minimize the risk of accidents to the greatest extent possible.

Our objectives are the following:

  • To respect the laws and regulations in force that pertain to construction sites (An Act respecting occupational health and safety, Regulation respecting occupational health and safety, and Safety Code for the construction industry) in order to save lives.
  • To promote and encourage safety in all aspects of carrying out our projects.
  • To provide training, control, and inspection programs for workers to ensure that each person possesses the necessary knowledge and skills to be able to carry out his/her job safely.
  • To promote employee involvement and accountability in matters relating to workplace health and safety.
  • To conduct business with subcontractors that adhere to our company’s procedures and directives.
  • To encourage the maintenance of the employment relationship in the event an employee suffers a temporary or permanent disability as a result of a workplace accident.

Duquette Construction firmly believes that the cooperation and collaboration of all its employees are essential to making construction sites a working environment in which each person can develop and work safely. The personal commitment of each of our workers to prevent accidental injuries thus becomes a way of life.