Construction Management

This management model is proposed to our clients who wish to have a direct contractual relationship with the suppliers involved in their project, such as for the design, the architecture, and the preparation of plans and technical specifications.

As with the turnkey approach, this type of agreement often involves a cost-plus contract. This is the type of contract typically used in major renovation projects, when the extent of the work to be carried out cannot be precisely evaluated ahead of time. A percentage mutually agreed upon by the parties at the outset is added to the cost of the work. To ensure that the project costs do not exceed a certain level, a budget limit can be specified in the contract.

This type of contract provides complete transparency in the tender bidding process.The subcontractors’ bids that correspond best to the client’s needs and budget are presented to the client for consideration, followed by our recommendations. The construction work can begin as soon as the preliminary budget is established and approved, even if the plans have not been finalized in their entirety.

builder in hardhat with tablet pc at construction